Fleet Tutors

The Client

A well-established private tuition business, based in London and Fleet. They have helped over 100,000 UK and International students achieve the results they need through their private tutor network

Fleet Tutors, Social Media, Hampshire

The Project

Fleet tutors were previously promoting their tutors on their social media channels. They wanted to take a different approach by engaging parents that were looking to support their child’s education through private tutoring.
Fleet Tutors, Social Media, Hampshire
Social Media
Educate your customer

Our Delivery

The team got straight to work on providing a digital advertising strategy, which combines social media and email marketing. A dynamic educational content plan was built to include educational news alongside the promotion of Fleet’s expertise. We create and curate content that interests their audience, grows their following and increases their brand awareness. Regular analysis and reporting ensures optimisation is an ongoing process and more potential customers are engaged as time goes on.
Fleet Tutors, Social Media, Hampshire

With friendly, experienced tutors, Fleet are the go-to organisation for private tuition services.

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