European Composer & Songwriter Alliance

The Client

The European Composer and Songwritier Alliance (ECSA) is a professional alliance, comprised of more than 50 associations of composers and songwriters, based throughout Europe. The main objective of the alliance is to defend and promote the rights of authors of music at national, European and international levels. ECSA advocates for equitable commercial conditions for composers and songwriters and strives to improve social and economic development of music creation in Europe.
European Composer Alliance, Belgium, Website

The Project

We were delighted to be contacted by the ECSA team from Brussels to completely overhaul their existing website. They asked us to find a platform that allowed their members and visitors to sign up to an interactive, dynamic and user-friendly forum and provide a site that acted as a knowledge hub.
European Composer Alliance, Belgium, Website
Web Development
Keeping Communities Connected

Our Delivery

Our team created detailed architecture for the site. We made it colourful and dynamic and easy to use, which allowed for a more engaging experience for members and visitors. We created a user-friendly hub, utilising a private members area for the songwriters to access to be allow them to communicate with each other and obtain specific documentation.
European Composer Alliance, Belgium, Website

A fantastic team to work with and a great organisation supporting composers and songwriters. Check out their website.

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