Bright-Hill Funerals

The Client

Nikki Hill founded Bright-Hill Funerals to provide an alternative funeral arrangement process. Her aim is to give personal attention so that the funeral is as stress free as possible, leaving a lasting memory of a celebration to mark the closing of a special person’s life.
Bright-HIll Funerals Isle of Wight

The Project

Nikki was recommended to us from an existing client, she was looking to grow her brand awareness of her business through social media. What Nikki offers is very unique and we understood there was a market on the Isle of Wight for her to reach and engage with through educational content and facebook advertising.
Bright-HIll Funerals Isle of Wight
Social Media
Reach New Customers

Our Delivery

Sensitivity was key for us when creating content and looking for ways to reach an audience through the medium of social. With bright and engaging images that reflected the brand along with testimonials of the services she provided, we found the right formula to grow her audience and drive new sales to her business. If you are looking for a something more that a ‘traditional funeral’ then check out Bright-Hills website
Bright-Hill Funerals, Isle of Wight

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