"Becky and Lauren have been fabulous managing our social media. We have only been with them for a short while, but during that time, we have been very happy. I receive a weekly post to review and edit and upon approval, it is published on Monday. They are very proactive and approachable. I highly recommend Digital Eaze."
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Lin French
5 Star Pest Control
"Word-of-mouth referrals are invaluable for small business owners, and when we were introduced by a mutual acquaintance to Becky in February 2021, it was the strength of the recommendation that opened our initial conversations and led to us building firm foundations of mutual trust, and respect. Becky explored our website problems and goals and set out a strategic plan for us to achieve these. Always happy to respond to our questions in a plain-English way, as well as build our skills, Becky helped us prioritise our approach, timings, and budget, very flexibly. Spring forward to mid-June, and we have just completed Phase 1 of our work together! From our experience, we would regard that one of Becky’s many key strengths is really understanding the vision for our brand and translating that into an incredibly beautiful, yet technically highly functional website. The skills and experiences Becky has acquired throughout her varied career have really shone through! We are really looking forward to continuing to work with Becky not just because it’s a good professional match, but she’s a very warm, thoughtful and fun person to work with too."
Kathy Chillistone
"Tough times need even tougher actions but where to start? Digital Eaze have been with me throughout the COVID pandemic and continued to support and promote IPS. Suddenly I placed in their hands a major development due to major machinery investments by IPS, Becky & Lauren’s reaction was exactly as I’ve seen throughout with a flood of social media strategies for us to develop these coming weeks. They really do work as part of the team. Brilliant highly recommend I would not have been in a position to invest in my business if it hadn’t been their efforts these last two year. Thank you Digital Eaze."
Brian Wakefield
IPS Island Property Services
"Digital Eaze are such a superb company to work with, its like having your own in-house marketing department. Becky and her team have been instrumental in making my company look professional and helping the business grow in these ever challenging times. Due to their expertise my little business is now being recognised and standing tall among the big hitters within my industry."
“We have developed a great partnership with Digital Eaze and their dedication to our brand, Face Matters, is evident in all aspects of work that they carry out; social media campaign on 3 platforms, e-commerce marketing, new website in development, PR, brand re-launch. Their attention to detail, creative approach and passion is producing real results for us and is bringing our brand to life. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and their support is invaluable.”
“Digital Eaze is truly a dependable team, working with Beckyis a breeze, and they are able to create and elevate from nothing more than a basic concept of what we need. Their track record with my team spans the gamut of deliverables from website development, copy-writing, social media content and community management, and even paper collateral. I am confident that when I give them a task, I can expect great deliverables.”
“After trying many ways with some success to promote my business I can now confidently say that Digital Eaze is the way forward, my business brand and services have an exposure far greater than all the previous attempts combined. Not only that and maybe just as important Becky provides a bespoke service with as many one to one meetings as needed to strategise - a very rare and welcome approach in this age of automation - we at IPS highly recommend Becky and her team, we are growing exponentially and a great deal of that growth is because of the involvement of Digital Eaze, leaving advertising to them means we can concentrate on our core business activities”
Brian Wakefield
IPS Island Property Services
“Becky and her team at Digital Eaze were such a superb find for me, they were an integral part of putting my business on the map. The help and support while setting-up my business, and every day since has been invaluable. The team is incredibly easy to work with, extremely professional. Their knowledge and skill base helps to iron out the modern everyday challenges we now face within this digital environment, letting me get on with what I do best, which is to run my business.”
"Digital Eaze are incredibly reliable and efficient. Becky is at forefront and provides the best service. Your website will look great and be accessible and easy to navigate!"
"Becky (Digital Eaze) offers a professional and friendly approach. A very personal, easy and smooth service, which ultimately has led to a very exciting website and I am very pleased with the result. A big thank you"
"I initially collaborated with Digital Eaze on the rebranding of my website. I was delighted with their creative and technical input and the end result speaks for itself! Becky and her team have also helped me in building my brand presence through social media. Their help has been invaluable in navigating this ‘new to me’ medium. They certainly have made the ‘Digital World’ so much easier for me to understand and it is reassuring to know my business is in such good hands - thank you so much!"
“Becky and her team at Digital Eaze offer the perfect mix of professionalism, dedication and care for their customers. Always focused on offering the relevant support that will achieve results and making our business lives easier.”
"We approached Digital Eaze because as a growing business we wanted advice on how we could improve our web and social media presence. Digital Eaze promptly researched our holiday accommodation business, and provided us with a proposal which was very focused on our needs. They were more than happy to answer any questions we had about the proposal in a clear and friendly manner, making even the technical aspects easy to understand. This straight forward approach remains a key feature of working with them. Digital Eaze are now successfully working with us to help us to achieve our aims. They have proved to be very flexible, and we are confident that they will be keen and able to provide us with a bespoke service as our needs as a business change. In addition to marketing support, Digitaleaze have embedded a much more advanced booking system into our website, vastly improving the customer experience. This was a complex project which they carried out very ably and efficiently. They also suggested and implemented other improvements to our site, on their own initiative, such as placing testimonials onto our website pages. Digital Eaze provide us with well written, well researched and varied social media content, always to the deadline they have promised. Digital Eaze have proved to be friendly, focused on our business needs, efficient and flexible. We couldn’t be happier with the service they are providing to us."
“On recommendation from a trusted client I began a website overhaul with Digital Eaze who impressed me from the start. From my first encounter with them I was impressed with their professional service and reassuring customer care, two qualities that I have built my business on and hold in high regard. I was reassured I was benefiting from value for money which was always a worry when you are entering an area where quantifying benefits and service provision variables are difficult to measure – for a technophobe like me anyway! I also feel I benefited enormously from having friendly and quick responding staff available every step of the way through the design, development, delivery and progression stages. They have produced an excellent product I’m very happy with and feel represents my company profile perfectly. I also used Digital Eaze to set-up, manage and progress my social media which was a godsend. I’m probably prehistoric when it comes to technology but after several patient training sessions they even showed someone as technically simple as me and my employees how to manage a social media platform! The website and social media support from Digital Eaze has allowed my business to progress onto the next level and without them I we would still be in the dark ages. I cannot recommend them enough to their prospective clients.”
“Team at Digital Eaze are professional, personal and client centred. Nothing is too much time or trouble. In a very short time, Digital Eaze demonstrated insight to see what marketing needs were necessary to grow my business and significantly increase my business profile. It is great working with you. Thank you”
“I have been working with Becky over the last two years and we have developed such a great working relationship. They are my virtual marketing team, managing my social media, email management, website and so much more. I have seen my business grow and flourish with increased results, through their knowledgeable expertise. They are very supportive and fun to work with, I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to grow their business.”

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