Relish Lifestyle

The Client

Charlie Hastain is a food blogger, that loves to share his passion for cooking which started at the age of 4 when he was helping his mother cook and watching her create menus for dinner parties.

His food blog is designed to share what he loves to eat and cook, a place to indulge in his passion for food and all things he Relishes.
Relish Lifestyle, Food Website
“Becky (Digital Eaze) offers a professional and friendly approach. A very personal, easy and smooth service, which ultimately has led to a very exciting website and I am very pleased with the result. A big thank you”

Charlies Hastain, Relish Lifestyle

The Project

We were approached by Charlie, as he was looking for a refresh of the Relish Lifestyle website, to make it more professional and accessible.  He was looking for a design that was homely that showed off his ‘home cooked’ vibe with a personal touch, to feel friendly, fun with an educational aspect too.
Relish Lifestyle Food Website
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Our Delivery

We began by looking at sites he liked to get a feel of the type of style Charlie was looking for. We worked together on a colour chart that could be used across the site.

From here we were able to create a new logo design that suited the style, colouring and conveyed his brand personality.

Once the logo was created, we started working on his site, we utilised the amazing photo’s of his food by creating sliders on his main pages to showcase the different styles and types of food he loves to cook.

To highlight his recipes, we designed a simple format that allowed us to show both the ingredients and method of each of these, in a user-friendly way.

Relish Lifestyle, Food Website

Check out his recipes on his website

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