Piera Van De Wiel

The Client

Piera Van de Wiel is a British Actor, Singer/Songwriter and Producer. She has a record deal with Abaca Group Inc and world renowned composer and music producer Steve Barakatt. As an actor she has worked on commercials, short films, and performed at the prestigious Rose Theatre, London and in New York had a leading role in an Off Broadway production of The Three Musketeers as Milady De Winter.

Piera Van De Wiel Singer
“Digital Eaze are incredibly reliable and efficient. Becky is at forefront and provides the best service. Your website will look great and be accessible and easy to navigate!”
Piera Van de Wiel – Actress, Singer, Songwriter

The Project

By recommendation we met with Piera, who was looking to refresh her website to establish her as actor, Singer, Songwriter and Producer. She wanted her website brought to life, capturing her personality but ensuring it looked professional, clear and easy to navigate.
Piera Van De Wiel Actress
Web Design
Customer Experience

Our Delivery

By re-organising the navigational menu, we were able to give a stronger definition of Piera’s professionalisms, making it easier for the visitor to navigate the site in the areas they would be most interested in. Having a bright, white theme across the site creates a cleaner and more professional look. It also contrasts nicely with the photographic portraits of Piera – creating a strong brand image in the process.
Piera Van De Wiel
A young and talented woman establishing her career and making a name for herself across the globe.
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