Papa Owl Publishing

The Client

Papa Owl Publishing creates children’s story books which are based on Sandy Island (the Isle of Wight) with it’s main character Papa Owl an inventor and grandfather. These stories are to inspire creativity, educate and bring together the different generations.
Papa Owl Publishing

The Project

Part of our involvement is to build a strong following on social media and encourage sales leads for people to buy the books for their children or grandchildren. We also work closely with the team on the design element of the Schools Project, bringing the Island’s aviation history and the story of Papa Owl Goes To Rocket Island into local schools.
Social Media
Generate more sales leads

Our Delivery

By creating fun and exciting content we are able to bring together the storytelling of the Papa Owl book series across the social media channels. Targeted advertising is in place to reach a national audience for the sales of the books. Working closely with the stakeholders in the Rocket Island Schools Project, we are able to deliver banners/leaflets/certificates and a resource box for each of the local schools which includes teachers’ manuals, press releases and posters.
If you are looking for a creative and fun children’s book that brings science to life check out their website.
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