HV Taylor & Sons Funeral Directors

The Client

HV Taylor & Sons have been established since 1905.  A family run business which has grown from strength to strength, ensuring that all families are given personal attention by offering a service that provides all aspects of funeral care and arrangements.

The Project

Having never been on social media and wanting to take the first step in reaching customers through Facebook, it was an interesting challenge on how we could replicate, through communication, the loving and warmth yet professional, persona that the HV Team gave to their current customers.  The team were very open to the idea that Facebook could help them reach their local community.

Our Delivery

Having spent time with the team and getting to know them and the services they provided and the way that they provided them, gave us great inspiration on how to approach their content and setting a brand identity through images on the Facebook Platform and the right tone of their voice.

With such a sensitive subject, we looked for ways we could educate and talk about matters that aren’t openly talked about.

As their audience grows, we are getting to know their customers and building relationships with them in order for them to feel comfortable and know when they reach their difficult time that the team are there every step of the way.

To find out more about the team and the services they provide, head over to their website of following them on Facebook.