Heart-Given Connection

The Client

Heart-Given Connection is run by Anna who is a professional Numerologist, Tarot and Akashic Record Practitioner.  She uses these powerful metaphysical mediums to help you to understand yourself better and to guide you through any challenges on your journey – a Heart-Given Connection.

The Project

Anna came to us, looking for a refresh of her website to help grow her business that engaged with her customers, building a trust and connection. She was looking for a modern, stylish website that had an emotional connection for both sexes.

Our Delivery

Following our brief, we needed to make sure the audience understood what Anna had to offer across the services she provided and where they could find these easily.  We re-looked at the sitemap of the existing site and split up the services in a more easy to navigate structure. The branding was designed to be impactful, but to complimented each other, we featured these across the different topics/pages to re-enforce the message.

As ‘heart’ was the personal connection and business centre, we naturally fell into heart themed images, shying away from the seascape landscape that had previously been the focus.

Anna provides all the skills and knowledge to give you the resources to change your life – why not get connected…