There are lots of different statistics out there and guidance on when the best times for posting your social media content to help your business stand out and reach more people.

However, it really depends on your industry and your audience. There are no hard and fast rules and many factors that come into play when determining the best time to post.

The best advice we would give, if you have no clue where to start and rather than randomly posting, is to look at your own insights to give you a guide to when your fans are online so you can build a strategy.

The other point to bear in mind when you are looking at this data is the type of content you are posting, you may find that certain posts work better in the morning than evening, even though it was a time when a lot of your followers were online.


How do you find this information? …

To see your Page Insights, go to your left-hand side bar on Manage your Page and click Insights, from the Insights dashboard, select Posts in the left-hand column menu.

Find Your Insights On Facebook

Now you are on your Page Insights go to your left-hand side bar again and click on Posts.

This will take you to a detailed breakdown of the days and time your fans are most active on Facebook – do note this shows only a one-week recent period (so you may want to keep checking this to see if there are any major changes in this data).

The chart shows the days of the week and the number of your fans that are online. You can hover over each individual day to see an overlay of how that day looks vs the average.

Best Times to Post When Your Audience is online

The example shows how Fridays tend to look for a Page (the dark blue line is data showing the peak of the curve when fans are online – noon).

Use this as a guide to test out various times leading up to and during your peak times.

NOTE: The time shown is in US Pacific time zone, so you will need to +8 hours to get your GMT time zone.


Under profile click on Insights, you can then click to view your data broken down by reach, engaged, and followers.

How To Find Your Instagram Insights

Select your Total Followers to see the data, change the time frame from 7 days to get a better overview – you can click on custom to choose your own timeframe or use the preselected timings – click update.

Best Times to Post When Your Audience is online

The data will then show you your total followers; top locations either Towns/City or by Countries, the Age of your followers by Gender and lastly you will see Most Active Times.

Click on the Days to see which day of the week is most active, if you click on the chart the numbers will show above the graph.

Then check your Hours by scrolling through each day of the week, again click on the graphs to see the actual numbers.

Use this data as a guide to test out the best engagement you get when you post during specific times of the day.


As a business profile you would expect that most of your audience is online during the working week. Mondays tend to be catch up days and meeting days and Fridays seem to be a little more relaxed.

So according to several reports the best times to test out your posts are Tuesday and Thursday 2–5 pm, Wednesday 2–7 pm.


Twitter does have its own set of analytics, but unfortunately it doesn’t give you information for when your followers online.

However, with some investigative work you could look at the performance of your Top Tweets in terms of impressions, reach and engagement and then look to see when you posted to give you some guide into what is already working for you.

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