Becky Daley, Founder, Digital Eaze

Having left school at the age of 16 with no real qualifications (well nothing to write home about), I went straight to work in the public sector. My career spans over 30 years starting in London and now based on the Isle of Wight, I’ve worked across a diverse range of businesses in both commercial enterprises and public sectors. I have a Can Do attitude and ‘Organisation’ seems to have substituted my middle name.

Having spent the previous 11 years working in the beauty industry being part of a journey that led a small Island business into the leading brand it is today. I set up Digital Eaze in 2016 with a vision to lead more businesses on their road to success. 
My skills and experience enables me to offer and implement a variety of  sales and marketing techniques with a well organised and strategic approach.
Working with me, you get a personable and honest communication, with a clear and effective approach that’s right for you. I’m with you on your journey and together we will build your business into the best it can be.

Listen to my story

The lessons I’ve learn’t and the challenges I’ve faced in setting up my own business.


Marketing Account Assistant

Lauren, Marketing Assistant

I started my career in the Travel and Tourism industry and joined Digital Eaze in 2019 to gain on-hands experience, whilst completing my marketing apprenticeship.

I love helping to support my accounts with creative content, improving and implementing their marketing campaigns to boost their brand image and overall business growth. 

There is always something different to get involved in, and meeting new people in a job I love.

Becky and Tracy

Our Collaboration with Wentworth Consultancy

Wentworth Consultancy is a business development, advisory and mentoring service, set up by my good friend Tracy Hastain.

Our aim is to unite our skills and that of our team to enable us to offer customers a comprehensive business advice and digital marketing service. In this time of global change and innovation, we want to act as a virtual department supporting all our customers, not only to survive but maximise opportunities and grow.

Sharing the same work ethic, philosophy and standards, we also both understand the challenges of running a business, the different stages of growth and the steps that need to be taken by our clients to achieve success.

We understand the challenges you face keeping up with the latest changes in digital marketing and appreciate the demands this can have on your time. We are here to help provide expertise in all things marketing and support you in driving your business forward, so you can get on with running it …

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