We are

Dynamic.  Forward Thinking. Driven

Who we are

We are a dynamic, vibrant team with the skills needed to provide creative, technical and strategic support. We like to get to know the people behind the businesses. We build relationships and provide our services in a simple, personal way. Our overarching aim is to ease the pressure – we do this by delivering high quality services that help clients grow their businesses.

Becky Daley

Becky - Director

I was lucky to have worked at Liz Earle Beauty co for over 11 years, the entrepreneurialism and inspiration of two incredible women, gave me an immense insight and understanding of building a successful business. Now I get to work in partnership with my wonderful clients and be a part of their journey, to help steer their business’ to success.

James - Account Manager

As a Marketing Account Manager, I love building relationships with our clients, helping them grow and creating a personality for their brand. I like to write creative communications that are effective and entertaining from my years of experience studying language and literature.

James Rayner
Anna Tautz

Anna - Account Manager

Over the past 13 years I have gained a wealth of experience in journalism, PR, and marketing management. In that time social media has evolved from relatively unknown to a global phenomenon and is now an essential tool for businesses to connect with their customers. I love using my knowledge to build a strategy and deliver personalised content to our clients.

Lauren - Marketing Executive

Why us

Our Skills: We have expertise in design, development and digital marketing

Our Results: We are a driven team with a growing list of happy clients

Our Ethos: We are fun to work with


Clear and simple guidance

Research, analyse and implement strategies that work

Personal approach

Bespoke and tailored service for any size business

Collaboration withWentworth Consultancy

Our aim is to unite our skills and that of our team to enable us to offer customers a comprehensive marketing and digital service.  In this time of global change and innovation, we want to act as a virtual department supporting all our customers, not only to survive but maximise opportunities and grow.

Sharing the same work ethic, philosophy and standards, we also both understand the challenges of running a business, the different stages of growth and the steps that need to be taken by our clients to achieve success.